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Simay Dinc_photo.jpg

Simay Dinc

Co-founder, Recontact Digital Arts

Simay is a passionate gamer, co-founder of Recontact Digital Arts and game producer of award winning cinematografic mobile games series, RECONTACT.


She is an executive board member of OYUNDER, which is a non-profit association founded for the purpose of supporting and representing Turkish Game Industry as well as the founder of “Women in Games Turkey” that aims to incorporate the energy and creativity of women to this industry. She aim to make people realize that this sector gets enriched by different disciplines and make sure that women act as creators, not just gamers. Simay has been chosen one of the four women leader to Women and Leadership program in Arts & Culture by British Council. She is also a new generation angel investor in the “Rising Tide Europe” focusing her resources to social impact and creative industries.

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