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Karla Pudar

Program Coordinator, SOLIDARNA

Karla Pudar is a project manager in culture and human rights, obtaining experience in both public institutions and in the civil sector.

She studied Art history and Croatian philology at the Faculty of humanities and social sciences of the University of Zagreb. For 7 years she worked in the Department of culture at Student Centre Zagreb in department for production and cultural management.

Additionally, she worked in two Zagreb based NGOs for 5 years in the field of management, programming and fundraising. Throughout the years she managed several international projects,curated numerous visual arts programs and exhibitions, took part in different art
boards and led various workshops.

Since the beginning of 2021, Karla is working in the SOLIDARNA Foundation for Human Rights and Solidarity, starting as a Relief Program Coordinator at Fund 5.5 on the crisis support for the victims of earthquake and currently as a Program Coordinator for all projects of SOLIDARNA.

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