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Alexandra Papadopoulou

Head of the Diplomatic Cabinet for the Prime Minister of Greece

Director General for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Representative of Greece to the European Union and United Nations.

Alexandra has represented Greece as a Consulate General or Ambassador, Director and Liaison for Greece worldwide from 1981, and just recently, named the Head of the Diplomatic Cabinet for the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece. She works in the world of primarily men, who are leaders of their respective countries, and she has faced extreme challenges. While Greece was going through its hardship several years ago with the EU, Alexandra was the face of Greece helping negotiate the terms et al in order to ensure that Greece's future would be financially sound. She commanded respect from all parties around the world, as she tried to administer peace-making goals her entire career while representing Greece.


Being a female, she is a true example of how continued hard work, sharpening of skills and thriving for excellence can elevate anyone to elite Governmental positions. She was recently promoted to the Head of the Diplomatic Cabinet, responsible for all representatives worldwide. She truly is someone that young girls can view as aspiring to become. My family is so proud and honored to celebrate her accomplishments.

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